Carnaval Forever Review

Carnaval Forever is an online slot machine that naturally has the Carnival party as its theme. To be precise, the Carnival in Rio, where the party is celebrated at its best. This game concerns a slot with 5 reels and 3 rows. Other slots with the same theme are, for example, Dancing in Rio and Samba Carnival. So the theme is certainly no stranger in this world. Read all the facts about Carnival Forever in this review.

Carnaval Forever Intro

RTP en Variance

The RTP, or return to player, for this game is between 96.22% and 96.63% This means that the casino returns this percentage of all bets back to the players. The volatility or variance is low. A low variance means that you win often, but generally smaller amounts.

The Design

The design is fairly busy and colorful, which also fits well with the subject of the game. Furthermore, the playing field looks as you would expect with a slot of this size. Everything you can set or click on is at the bottom of the game. From left to right you will find: your balance, the bet you play with, the amount you win, the ‘spin’ button, and the ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature.

Carnaval Forever Start

How does Carnaval Forever work?

The game is quite simple. As with many similar slot machines, you choose a bet that you want. There are only 10 possible paylines in this game. You want to complete each turn as much as possible. You also have a ‘wild’ symbol with this game that takes on the usual function.

Carnaval Forever Win

How do you play Carnaval Forever?

The bets between which you can choose vary between 0.10 euros and 10 euros per spin. Make your choice and press the spin button. Hope for nice combinations on the paylines, 5 of a kind, or the bonus round. You unlock the bonus round by collecting 3 or more bonus symbols. The bonus symbol is the Carnival Queen. You can read more about this below.

The Symbols

The basic symbols consist of the usual 10 to A, which we also know from card games. You also have four premium symbols. With these symbols you can make combinations and paylines that are worth more than the basic symbols. As mentioned earlier, there is also a wild symbol, which can take the place of any other symbol (except the bonus symbol). The queens are the bonus symbols.

The Prices

The prizes depend on which paylines you complete and how many. In addition, it is important with which symbols you do this. With 5 wild symbols in a row you can win no less than 1000x your bet. The big prizes are of course easier to win in the bonus round, which you have to unlock or buy for this.

Double Up

The Double Up Feature is a well-known feature which you can activate after each win by yourself. It is a simple game of heads and tails to double your win amount. You will have a 50% chance to double your money, and a 50% chance to lose it all. It is also a possibility to play this game with half of your winnings!

Carnaval Forever Double Up

Bonus Rounds

You unlock the bonus round by collecting 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols. The bonus round consists of a Free spin bonus. Below some details:

  • 3 queens: 5 bonus spins
  • 4 queens: 7 bonus spins
  • 5 queens: 9 bonus spins

The main difference from the normal game is the fact that every spin is guaranteed to yield something. The Carnival queen gives you 2 extra free spins!

Carnaval Forever Bonus Start

Carnaval Forever Bonus Play

Buy a bonus feature

Carnival forever also has a ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature. With this you immediately buy the bonus round. This costs you 100x your bet in this game. Suppose you play with a bet of 1 euro, the bonus round will cost you 100 euros. The amounts you can win are matched to a stake of 1 euro. So it is still very difficult to just make a big profit. A small advantage is the RTP, which in this case increases from 96.22% to 96.63%.

Carnaval Forever Bonus Buy

Carnaval Forever Bonus End

Max win & Rating

There is no clear maximum win amount for this slot machine. Furthermore, it only scores 2/5 stars. This is mainly because it does not contain many unique game elements.


This slot from Betsoft has a cheerful theme and is a simple game. Due to the low variance you will be able to grab some prizes regularly. However, it does not have many features to offer, so it may get boring for the experienced player.