Buy bonus slots

Trends are developing rapidly in the field of online casino slots. One of the most recent developments is the buy a bonus slots feature, often referred to as the feature drop in slot machines. With this functionality you buy a cut-off path directly to the bonus round. The long wait for the symbols that activate your bonus game is a thing of the past.

You do have to spend a lot of money, usually up to 100x the bet, to use this functionality, but your profits can increase very quickly.

On we cover all ins and outs of this feature. Discover all buy a bonus slots and try the games for free.

How do buy a bonus slots and a feature drop slots work?

Buy a bonus is a unique functionality in an online slot machine where players can activate the bonus game immediately. This can often be done in two ways.

  1. The first is that players collect coins while playing. In this way they reduce the cost of the “feature buy” or “buy a bonus” functionality. With some games it is even possible to lower the price with the collected coins to 0. Then you can activate the functionality. Please note that not all slots have this mechanic build in.
  2. We see the second variant the most, here the players buy the bonus game at a multiplication of the current bet per sin. The option to purchase the bonus is often 100x the value of the bet. Sometimes this increases even higher to a maximum of 250x, but we have also seen smaller bets of 80x or even 20x times (Safari Gold Buy Bonus Slots) your stake.

A big manufacturer of the buy a bonus slots functionality is the producer Big Time Gaming. White Rabbit Buy Bonus Slots is the first slot machine that really announced this game functionality. This impressive release is definitely worth playing. Currently many online slot providers offer a buy pass to get directly to the bonus round.

Buy a bonus in White Rabbit for 10

Casino software manufacturers

The popularity of the buy a bonus feature has not gone unnoticed by other casino manufacturers. Blueprint Gaming was the first to follow in the footsteps of Big Time Gaming and released several titles.

Big Time Gaming

This is partly because Big Time Gaming has a trademark on the Buy Bonus Slots game functionality. Blueprint Gaming was almost the first party to use this. The feature drop or buy a bonus feature also falls under the same trademark. It is only logical to use this feature. This has also been a great success for the games of Blueprint Gaming.

Nowadays, Big Time Gaming and Blueprint Gaming are no longer alone with these kinds of slots. This functionality can be found in most Buy Bonus Slots slots, which are made by different providers. Relax Gaming also has slots with a buy a bonus feature, such as Snake Arena. But it is not just Buy Bonus Slots slots. Today, there are over 100 slot machines with a buy a bonus feature, from Netent (Serengeti King) to Pragmatic Play (Sweet Bonanza Xmas) and Nextgen Gaming (300 Shields Extreme)

Feature drop and buy a bonus for free play

Discover all slots with the best buy a bonus and feature drop game functionality. Playable via desktop computer and smartphone, you can discover this exciting feature for free. Nice to get more feeling without spending money yourself.

This will give you as a player an idea whether it is for you. You will see that buying this feature sometimes works out well and sometimes badly. Continue to the specific slot review to read more details about the slot. This way you increase your knowledge.

Is buy a bonus smart to buy?

Since the purchase of a bonus was launched, there has been a lot of discussion about this game functionality.

Many players find it fantastic that they can fast forward to the bonus round with the press of a button. Other players find this function very irresponsible.

We at agree with arguments from both sides. Like everything in life, it’s all about balance. Our advice is to only use this functionality in games where you are really a fan of the bonus round. It is fantastic that you can play it directly with the buy a bonus feature. Just don’t make it a habit fan, unless your financial space permits.

Keep in mind that the slots where this feature is available often have high volatility. This means that big wins don’t fall often, but when they fall they are huge. In bonus rounds this means that in some cases you only pay 5x your bet.

It is of course extra acidic when this happens, when you have just bought this functionality for perhaps 50x or 100x your bet. So hope for the best but consider the worst when you decide to buy a bonus.

When buying these features, setting your own limits is important. Are you having trouble with this? For example, set a deposit limit at the online casino you are playing. Any self-respecting online casino offers this.

Buy a bonus vs feature drop – differences?

Buys a bonus is almost exactly the same as the feature drop. The small difference lies in the fact that with a feature you can also buy the bonus with a “discount”. In some cases you can even buy it for free. The player does this by saving items during the basic game, for example in the form of coins. Do you collect enough? Then the price goes down step by step.

Buy a bonus vs feature drop - differences?

Top 5 feature drop slots

Feature drop slots, you hate or love them. One thing is certain, this functionality is here to stay. Unless they are banned, as has happened recently in the UK. But software providers like Blueprint Gaming already found a workaround, by just only releasing the buy feature slot instead of the normal game. Examples are Diamond Mine All Action Buy Bonus Slots and Buffalo Rising All Action Buy Bonus Slots. Because Big Time Gaming gives away Buy Bonus Slots licenses, we have already seen many different releases of these slot machines. Undoubtedly many more will follow.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Buy Bonus Slots

What are feature drop slots?

Feature drop slots are made by Big Time Gaming and can be found in the well-known Megaways slots. This function makes it possible to activate the bonus with the push of a button. This comes with a price tag, of course, ranging from 25x to 100x the stake. With some slot machines, the price decreases the longer you play the game. You do this by saving different coins or items. This is to keep players involved for longer with a slot machine.

How does a buy a bonus on slots work?

Buy a bonus or feature drop slots are online slots where players can access the bonus game without having to activate it in the normal way via scatter symbols. Instead, the player pays his bet times 25x or 100x to immediately play the bonus.

Can I play buy bonus slots for free?

Yes you can. We give an overview of all slots with this functionality, including a detailed review. These are playable on both mobile and desktop computers.

What should you pay attention to when buying a bonus?

Do you use a casino bonus when buying bonus in a slot machine? Then pay attention. Online casinos often have a maximum bet rule for bonus money. This is often € 5 per spin. When you buy a feature drop or bonus, you often pay a high amount. You can quickly break the bonus conditions without noticing it. This can cause a casino to hold money won with the bonus. It is recommended to use this functionality only in a real money casino.