Colossus Fruits Review

Colossus Fruits is an online slot machine in the classic spheres. This is partly due to the use of the symbols. However, it is not a standard game. As soon as the game appears on your screen, you will be amazed at the layout of the playing field. It is not 5 reels of 3 rows, but the outer reels have 3 rows and the inner 3 reels have 4. In addition, there are a number of features in this game that ensure that this classic slot is very modern. You can read everything you want to know in this review!

Colossus Fruits intro

RTP en Variance

The RTP, or return to player, for this game is 96,50%. This means that the casino returns this percentage of all bets back to the players. This is quite normal. The volatility or variance is difficult to determine. There is no clear measure for this, so we cannot give it with certainty.

The Design

We mentioned in the introduction that this lock has a separate design. The number of rows per reel differs. Furthermore, it is quite simple. At the bottom left you can determine your bet per payline. Immediately below that you will also see your bet per spin change. This is namely 30x your bet per payline, given that there are 30 paylines. In the middle you will find the ‘spin’ button. On the left is the ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature and on the right is the button for autoplay. At the bottom right you see the amount you win with your total balance below.

Colossus Fruits Start

How does Colossus Fruits work?

Despite the nice features, the game is basically quite simple. Also with this slot machine you press spin after you have chosen an appropriate bet. After this, you hope to complete as many paylines as possible. There are a total of 30 that you can achieve. It is also possible to unlock the bonus round!

How do you play Colossus Fruits?

The minimum bet is 0.30 euros (0.01 per line) and the maximum bet is 300 per spin (10 per line). There are plenty of options between them to choose from. So first choose a bet that suits you. Then click ‘spin’ at every turn. It is also possible to turn on autoplay so that you do not have to press spin yourself. Then hoping for nice combinations within the paylines, 5 of a kind, or the bonus round of course.

Colossus Fruits Win

The Symbols

The basic symbols consist of the J, Q, K, and A of a card game. In addition, you have a number of premium symbols that correspond to the classic slot machines, such as the berries, the watermelon, the cherries, and the bell. The red 7, as many will recognize, is the most valuable symbol! There is also a wild symbol and a free spin symbol!

The Prices

The prizes you can win with a payline depend on which payline you complete and with which symbol. To give some examples: 3 red 7’s already give you 40x your total bet. Can I get 5 in a row? Then this increases to even 150x (!) Your bet. The golden bell and watermelon can also pay out up to 120x your bet. The other premium symbols also pay well but are just below this. As usual, the basic symbols pay out the least.

Bonus Rounds

You can unlock the bonus round by spinning a ‘free spin’ symbol on both the first and the fifth reel! Then you get 10 free spins within which you can grab nice prizes. During these spins you can collect extra multipliers or spins. A fairly simple but nice bonus round.

Colossus Fruits Bonus Start

Colossus Fruits Bonus Play

Buy a bonus feature

Also at Colossus Fruits, Spinomenal has added the popular ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature to its game. With this you can directly buy the bonus round without playing the normal game. This will cost you 33x your bet, which is still quite low compared to a similar feature in other games. If you play with 1 euro bet, this will cost you 33 euros. Then you play the bonus round as if you bet 1 euro. The prices are therefore adjusted to this.

Colossus Fruits Buy Bonus

Colossus Fruits Bonus End

Max win & Rating

The maximum win is 150x your own bet. A nice amount but not huge. Furthermore, Colossus Fruits scores 2/5 stars.


Given the modern implementation of the classic game, it still appeals to many people. By adding nice features, the game is more varied than the classic variant. If you were already a fan of this, this is certainly a good option.