Dark Vortex Review

Dark Vortex was released for the first time in late 2018. The game takes place in a somewhat creepy, dark atmosphere. Some will like this, and some will not. Furthermore, this slot machine scores very well and is therefore definitely recommended. Read below why this is so!

Dark Vortex Intro

RTP en Variance

The RTP, or return to player, for this game is between 96,50% en 97,0%. This means that the casino returns this percentage of all bets back to the players. This is quite high! The volatility or variance is high. A high volatility means that you win less frequently, but large amounts.

The Design

Dark Vortex is a 5 reel, 3 row slot. As mentioned before, the theme is quite dark and you can hear that in the music. You will find all kind of settings at the bottom of your screen. From left to right: The number of possible paylines (243 in the beginning), the coin value, your bet (depending on the coin value you choose), the ‘max bet’ function, the ‘spin’ button, the amount you win, and your balance. Above the number of possible paylines you’ll find the ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature, which is also added to this game.

Dark Vortex Start

How does Dark Vortex work?

Above it says that there are 243 paylines. These are not actually paylines, to be precise. This mechanism is called the 243-ways-to-win mechanism. This comes from Microgaming slots, but is nowadays adopted by many game providers. The idea is as follows: You win if you have a certain symbol on the first three, four, or five reels. This gives you 3x3x3x3x3 = 243 options! Hope for nice combinations, features, or to unlock the bonus round.

Dark Vortex Win

How do you play Dark Vortex?

The game starts with choosing the coin value, and with it your bet. The minimum bet is 0.10 euros (coin value 0.01) and the maximum bet per spin is 50 euros (coin value 5). After this, the game can begin by pressing spin every turn. Above is how you can form combinations, and that you therefore start with 243 ways to win. However, the number of possible ways to win may increase throughout the game. You do this by collecting ‘Vortex’ symbols in the playing field. This will unlock the Vortex reels, but you can read more about that below. You also try to reach the bonus round.

Vortex Reels

You unlock ‘Vortex Reels’ by spinning a Vortex symbol on two adjacent reels. Of course, more is also possible. 2 of these symbols give you 3 ‘Vortex spins’. For each additional adjacent reel with a vortex symbol, you will receive an additional 2 of these Vortex spins. This continues up to a maximum of 9 spins, when you spin a Vortex symbol on all reels.

Vortex Spins

The reels on which you spin a Vortex symbol (so-called Vortex reel) are expanded to 5 rows. This gives you greater chances of winning and more chance of multipliers. For example, with this expansion you can get 5x5x3x3x3 = 625 possible ways to win when you spin 2 Vortex symbols. Hence, the maximum number of possible ways to win can be up to 5x5x5x5x5 = 3125! Additional symbols are added during the Vortex spins: The pink Orb and the blue Orb. The pink Orb provides for larger wild stacks, or more winning combinations. The blue Orb provides free spins!

The Symbols

The symbols are fairly easy to remember. There are 5 ‘creeps’ (high win symbols) and 5 books (low win symbols). In addition, you also have the Vortex symbol with which you can unlock the associated reels and spins.

The Prices

The symbols represent a certain number of credits in value. For example, for 1 ‘red creep’ on 5 reels you get 60 credits. You can earn a multiplier by getting several of these on 1 reel. Suppose you have 2x red creep on reels 3 and 5, this means a multiplier of 1x1x2x1x2 = 4. The number of credits you earn then is 4x 60 = 240! You can see that it can suddenly go very fast! The value of a credit is the aforementioned coin value. You determine this yourself and can assume a minimum of 0.01 euros and a maximum of 5 euros.

Bonus Rounds

You get the bonus round by getting a Vortex symbol on each reel. Of course you will get 9 spins with the Vortex reels, as indicated above. But after that you get some free spins. You are guaranteed to get 5 free spins, and this can add up because you get an extra spin for every blue Orb! You also play the free spin bonus with the Vortex reels, or 3125 ways to win.

Dark Vortex Bonus Start

Dark Vortex Bonus Play

Buy a bonus feature

Dark Vortex also features a ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature! This costs you 80x your bet in this game, which is a considerable amount. Because you go directly to the free spin bonus you have not been able to collect blue Orbs. Something else was made up on that. By means of a game of chance you determine how many free spins you get and what the multiplier is. You can get a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 free spins this way. The multiplier is a minimum of 2x and a maximum of 10x. When you use this feature, the RTP will increase from 96.5% to 97%, which in principle makes you better off.

Dark Vortex Buy Bonus

Dark Vortex Bonus Win

Max win & Rating

You can win up to 7000x your own bet. A huge amount! The maximum amount you can grab is 350,000 euros! Dark Vortex scores 4/5 stars, which is also very meritorious!


The game is well and carefully developed and also offers many nice features. In addition, there is a high RTP and variance, so you can grab big prices. Definitely a good choice!