Doctor Electro Review

Docter Electro is a game developed for Relax gaming, and is often seen as an incalculable game. The game has nice features about which you will read everything in this review. It concerns a slot machine of 5 reels and 4 rows, but there is an option to expand. This is one of the reasons why the game doesn’t get boring quickly.

Doctor Electro intro

RTP en Variance

The RTP, or return to player, for this game is between 96,30% en 97,55%. This means that the casino returns this percentage of all bets back to the players. This is quite high! The volatility or variance is medium. A medium volatility means that the game scores on average in terms of the frequency and amount of the payouts.

The Design

Doctor Electro is set in a kind of futuristic environment, and this is also reflected in the background and the music. On the right side next to the playing field you will find the Jackpots (platinum and gold) and the ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature. You can see the other options at the bottom of your screen. From left to right: Settings, your balance, your bet, your win, and the ‘spin’ button.

How does Doctor Electro work?

The game has no paylines, but 1024 ways to win in the basic game (4x4x4x4x4). This allows you to quickly make multiple combinations in 1 spin! Choose your bet and press the ‘spin’ button to start the game. After this we hope for valuable combinations and the Hyper spins (bonus round).

How do you play Doctor Electro?

To really make a bit of a profit, you will have to try to make multiple combinations as they don’t yield much individually. You can already try to unlock additional rows. You do this with the same symbol as with which you have to unlock the bonus round. This symbol looks like a battery. With 3 of these symbols in 1 spin, you unlock the bonus round. When you spin 1 or 2 per spin, the battery fills 1 lightning bolt in the bottom closed row. This first row only needs 1 such lightning. The rows above need 2 and 4. These rows are therefore not yet opened in the basic game, but as soon as you reach the bonus round.

The Symbols

The basic symbols are the symbols from a card game (9, 10, J, Q, K, A). Furthermore, as premium symbols you have a number of characters, which generally yield a bit more. Of course there is also a wild symbol, which can take the place of any symbol except that of the battery (the bonus symbol). There is 1 other symbol, a kind of shield. These yield quite a bit but for that they have to be played from the first reel.

The Prices

The prices depend first of all on the size of the combinations formed. In addition, the symbol with which you form it is also important. The hierarchy above has already been explained somewhat above. The real prizes are of course earned in the Hyper spins!

Bonus Rounds

You can unlock the bonus round, or the Hyper spin, by collecting 3 batteries in 1 spin. The rows you unlocked in the base game are then opened right from the start. During the bonus round you can play even more. In total you can come out on 7 rows which gives a total of 16807 ways to win! You start with 5 hyper spins, and for every expansion symbol that you unlock you get an extra spin. If you spin 3 bonus symbols on the first 3 reels, you’ll get 8 free spins. Try to make as many combinations and collect money within your spins!

Buy a bonus feature

Also in this game there is a ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature. The price depends on your bet and the number of free spins you buy with it. You can choose from 8, 15, 20, or 25 free spins.


There are 2 Jackpots in this game that you can win (gold and platinum). These start at 100x and 1000x your bet respectively. These increase slightly during your bets. You can win the Jackpots by collecting wilds and Doctor Electro symbols in 1 spin. You need 12 for the gold Jackpot and 14 for the platinum Jackpot!

Max win & Rating

The maximum win is 36,000 euros and the game scores 4/5 stars.


The game gets a good rating and this is mainly due to the well-functioning features and the high RTP. It’s a fun game and you have good chances for great prizes!