Rise of the Mountain King Review

Rise of the Mountain King is a new game developed by Nextgen Gaming with the theme ‘Peer Gynt’. This is also known as the ‘troll dance’, and this is certainly reflected in the layout of the slot machine. NextGen Gaming has been around for years, of course, but their vision has indeed changed considerably! At first they released many games, but not very high quality. Nowadays they score one hit after the other! Read below why ‘Rise of the Mountain King’ might just be the next one!

Rise Mountain King Intro

RTP en Variance

The RTP, or return to player, for this game is 96.31%. This means that the casino returns this percentage of all bets back to the players. The volatility or variance is extremely high. A high volatility means that you win less frequently, but large amounts.

The Design

The background is a mountainous landscape with an endless staircase in the middle that disappears into the low-hanging clouds. Furthermore, the screen is mainly filled with the playing field consisting of 5 reels of 3 rows. At the top you will see the title of the game and at the bottom you will find your balance and your bet. On the left you will find the ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature and on the other side you will find all other options. Among other things, the autoplay button, the ‘spin’ button, and the settings can be found here.

Rise Mountain King Start

How does Rise of the Mountain King work?

As you can read above, we are talking here about a slot machine with 5 reels and 3 rows. Furthermore, the game has 30 possible paylines, all of which can be formed from the first reel. Try to complete as many of the paylines as possible during each turn, hoping to reach the bonus round!

How do you play Rise of the Mountain King?

Your bet can take on different values ​​between a minimum of 0.30 euros and a maximum of 15 euros. This may be a bit on the low side compared to other slots, but this is mainly due to the extremely high volatility. So choose your bet before you start playing. In addition, you also have the choice between the autoplay function or pressing ‘spin’ yourself every turn. Once you have made a choice, the game will start. After this, your influence on the results is nil, and it will have to become clear whether you win prizes!

The Symbols / The Prices

As with most online slots, the symbols can be divided into 4 categories. Below we draw up a short list with the necessary information about the relevant symbol:

  • The basic symbols: These are the card symbols from 9 to A, so there are 6 different ones that participate. As usual, the base symbols pay out the least when you combine them.
  • The basic symbols: These are the card symbols from 9 to A, so there are 6 different ones that participate. As usual, the base symbols pay out the least when you combine them.
  • The wild symbol: Also a male character that helps you form combinations more easily. As always, this symbol can replace all other symbols except the scatter symbol. If you manage to get a 5 of a kind with the wild symbol, you will get 500 (!) Coins!
  • The bonus symbol: This symbol looks like a pink diamond surrounded by gold. With this you can eventually unlock the bonus round, if you collect enough of it!

King’s Respin Feature

This feature takes effect as soon as there are 3 or more wild symbols in 1 spin! You get a free respin, while all wild symbols are pinned! When you add 1 or more wild symbols, these wilds are also locked for the next respin! So it continues until there are no new wilds re-emerging, so you can see that this can lead to fantastic prizes!

Bonus Rounds

This feature is unlocked by spinning 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols in 1 turn. This is good for 8, 9, or 10 free spins respectively! The game starts with a 5x wild multiplier, and the intention is to increase it as high as possible. In addition, you try to get the ‘scatter collect meter’ as high as possible, because you get both free spins and a higher wild multiplier for this!

Rise Mountain King Start

Rise Mountain King Play

Buy a bonus feature

Buy a Bonus feature is a feature that can no longer be ignored in today’s online slots. With ‘Rise of the Mountain King’ this will cost you 100x your bet! Then you play the game as if you made a normal bet, so it is not obvious that you will win. In addition, a ‘Gamble Feature’ has been added to the game, with which you can try to reach the bonus round with a lower bet.

Rise Mountain King Start

Rise Mountain King End

Max win & Rating

The maximum win amount have a limit of 50,000x your bet. In addition, this game scores a good 4/5 stars!


The theme is very well reflected in this very successful slot from NextGen Gaming. In addition, the game has some nice, extra features with which you can also win really big prizes! They certainly earn 4/5 stars.