Snake Arena Review

Snake is the name of the game that used to be standard on your Nokia phone, and will be familiar to people born before 1995. The game was very simple, but very addictive. You had to eat eggs with a snake, and each egg caused the snake to get longer. This makes it increasingly difficult to survive, because if you came across yourself, you were dead. This slot from Relax Gaming tries to bring these old times back to life, and it certainly has not failed. Read on to get all the details about this reborn game!

Snake Arena Intro

RTP en Variance

The RTP, or return to player, for this game is 96.25%. This means that the casino returns this percentage of all bets back to the players. The volatility or variance is medium. A medium volatility means that the game scores average in terms of frequency and amount of winning amounts.

The Design

The playing field consists of a field of 5×5 squares, or 5 reels and 5 rows. In the top left corner you can see the title of the game, and on the other side you can determine your bet. At the bottom left you will find the ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature, while on the right you will find the ‘spin’ button, autoplay button, and settings. At the bottom of the screen you will find your current balance, the amount you win, and your chosen bet. Furthermore, in the background of the game you see a kind of turrets of a castle or something like that.

Snake Arena Intro

How does Snake Arena work?

As you can read above, there are 5 reels of 5 rows, and there are 30 possible paylines to achieve. You must always be able to form these paylines from the first reel. Furthermore, the ‘basic game’ has no real surprises, and you will have to hope for profitable combinations or to reach the bonus round.

Snake Arena Win

How do you play Snake Arena?

Determining your bet is the first step you need to take before you start playing. For this you can choose from 11 different values ​​between 0.10 euros and 100 euros. Then you can choose whether you want to use the autoplay function, so that you do not have to click every turn yourself. After this the game can start and you have no influence on the things that will follow. As we said briefly, the basic game does not have many surprises, and you will really have to hope for the bonus round for the big prizes!

The Symbols / The Prices

The symbols can again be divided into different categories, and a short list will follow below. Behind each symbol is a short description and / or the payout for a 5 of a kind:

  • The basic symbols consist of 4 different coins and all pay 2x your bet with a 5 of a kind.
  • The category above (medium paying symbols) consists of a ring with a snake eye, a fatty ham and a nice beer mug. Per 5 of a kind, these symbols pay back between 4x and 10x your bet.
  • The crown also belongs to the premium symbols but is a lot above the rest in terms of payout. For a 5 of a kind you will receive 20 times your stake.
  • The wild symbol consists of all parts of the snake or the knight, and these can replace all other symbols!

Bonus Rounds

This bonus is unlocked by rotating the snake and the knight on the playing field at the same time, and you will see the elements of the old-fashioned game again.

Snake Arena Bonus Start

The knight will appear in a different place each turn, after which the snake will look him up and eat it. This will make the snake longer and longer.

Snake Arena Bonus Play

After each turn, both the snake and the knight turn into a wild symbol, so you can grab big prizes! As soon as the hose gets longer, you will therefore also increasingly easily win large amounts. However, this also increases the risk that he will encounter himself and the game will stop. You can try to fill the sword on the right side of your screen completely. You do this by filling all boxes from reels 2 to 5 with wilds. This will win you a bonus prize of 1000x your bet, and the rest of your winnings during this round will be added to that!

Snake Arena Bonus Big Win

Buy a bonus feature

Pay 70x your stake and buy the bonus round immediately. This feature is of course very popular nowadays, and could not be missing here. Since the bonus game is the most unique feature of this game, we recommend that you use this feature every now and then.

Snake Arena Bonus Buy

Snake Arena Bonus Win

Wild Chase Feature

At random times this feature can take effect, making between 1 to 5 reels completely wild. With this you can win big prizes up to 600x your bet, if all reels are completely wild.

Max win & Rating

The maximum win at Snake Arena is 1000x your bet + the winnings during your free spins! Furthermore, the game receives an average score of 3/5 stars from us.


To really score a good enough, this game misses too much. With the introduction of some nice extra features, a bit more dynamics could be brought into play. We are afraid that the game will get bored too soon, even though we really like the theme!