Spinal Tap Review

BluePrint Gaming has made the choice to make a slot game about a movie, Spinal Tap. The film is about 4 British rockers on a disastrous tour of the United States. Every now and then you see a movie as a theme for a slot machine, and from experience we can say that the success of this can go in any direction. We are very curious about what this game has to offer, and will describe it as well as possible below.

Spinal Tap Intro

RTP en Variance

The RTP, or return to player, for this game is between 96.92% and 97.02%. This means that the casino returns this percentage of all bets back to the players. The volatility or variance is low. A low volatility means that you win more frequently, but smaller amounts.

The Design

In the background you can see a rock performance with stage and audience. The playing field consists of 5 reels and 3 rows, and at the top is the title of the game. To the left of the playing field you see the ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature and the settings, while on the right you see the autoplay button, spin button, and bet determination. The bottom strip of your screen contains the information about your balance, your bet, number of ways to win (243), and the amount you win.

Spinal Tap Start

How does Spinal Tap work?

BluePrint Gaming has opted for the ‘win all ways’ mechanism for this game. The game features 5 reels of 3 rows, giving you 243 possible ways to win. The screen may stretch at random times, bringing the number of ways to win to as high as 2187. Furthermore, the basic game does not have many weird things, so you get the hang of this fairly quickly. Start the game and hope for nice combinations or reaching the bonus round.

Spinal Tap Win

How do you play Spinal Tap?

First choose a bet that suits what you have in mind. You have a large choice between 15 different numbers, with a minimum of 0.30 and a maximum of 30 euros! After you have chosen the bet, you can still choose to use the autoplay function, so that you do not have to click every time. After this, the game can start, and as you know you will no longer have any influence on the results.

The Symbols / The Prices

The symbols can be grouped somewhat in different categories. Below is a list so that you get a good idea of ​​this:

  • The basic symbols consist of the usual card symbols. In this game only 4 participate, namely the J, Q, K, and A. As always, these symbols pay out the least, so it is better to form combinations with the premium symbols.
  • The premium symbols consist of the 4 band members, which the game is about. These symbols already pay a lot better in combination than the card symbols. With a 7 of a kind, which is possible when the playing field expands, the premium symbols earn you between 250 and 300 coins.
  • The wild symbol looks like a plectrum and can replace all other symbols. This makes it easier to form combinations and take prizes.
  • The skulls are the best paying symbols, and with a 7 of a kind you get 500 coins.

Spinal Tap Wild

Bonus Rounds

You can unlock this feature by spinning at least 3 scatter symbols, after which the party can start! First of all, you end up on a new screen with all kinds of plates, of which you have to choose one by one. With this you ultimately determine which tour, and thus which bonus you will play! Once you have chosen one, you still have the opportunity to try and score a better tour. The risk is of course that you can also descend. The 7 bonus features all consist of different types of free spins, often with extra wilds, extra multipliers and sticky wilds. The best bonus to win is the World Tour, where you can win up to 10,000 x your bet.

Spinal Tap Bonus Start


Buy a bonus feature

Nowadays this feature can no longer be ignored in most games, and costs you 50x your stake at Spinal Tap. You will see a large LP player that determines how many free spins you receive (min 2 and max 11) and which of the 7 bonus features you win.

Spinal Tap Bonus Buy

Spinal Tap Bonus Pick

Max win & Rating

Spinal Tap does not have a clear maximum profit, which is why you can see it as unlimited. Furthermore, the game gets a score of 3/5 stars from us, on average.


The game looks good and it basically works well too. However, we miss just a few extra elements that refer to the film. Furthermore, it is a very nice game and there are 7 different bonus rounds. Hence, Spinal Tap gets an average score.