Take The Bank Review

Take The Bank is a bank robbery-themed online slot game developed by Betsoft. Well, Betsoft is not always well regarded, and this game also has its flaws. In itself the game is well put together and it is fun to play, but if you look at the maximum price you will not be happy. That is why we think that the game has potential somewhere. Read on if you want to know more about Take The Bank!

Take the Bank Intro

RTP en Variance

The RTP, or return to player, for this game is 96.06%. This means that the casino returns this percentage of all bets back to the players. The volatility or variance is low. A low volatility means that you win more frequently, but smaller amounts.

The Design

Let’s start with the playing field, which consists of 5 reels of 4 rows. In the top left corner is the title of the game, and at the bottom right you will find the ‘bomb’ with a number in it. The rest of the options are all at the bottom of the game, such as your balance and your stake. You will also find the settings, the music, the ‘spin’ button, the autoplay function, and even the ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature! In the background of the game you can see a big city, and a bank is clearly depicted.

Take the Bank Start

How does Take The Bank work?

Take The Bank uses a savings system, so it is important to think carefully about your bet in advance. If you change your bet during the game, the game will be reset. Are you doing this? Then this is of course at the expense of your RTP, especially if you do it more often. We are also talking about a slot machine with 5 reels of 4 rows, and there are 75 possible paylines! The idea of ​​the game is to play in rounds of 10 turns each time, collecting as many bombs as possible. When you spin a bank robber, it turns into a bomb and the box remains unchanged for the rest of the spins. At the end of the 10 spins, all the bombs collected turn into wilds, sometimes making nice combinations and winning big prizes.

Take the Bank Win

How do you play Take The Bank?

Also in this game there are only 2 things for which you have to make a choice in advance. First of all, you determine what your bet will be per spins, and of course the prices depend on this. Choose between a number of values ​​between the minimum of 0.20 euros and a maximum of 20 euros. Then you decide whether you use the autoplay function or whether you click each spin yourself. After this the game starts and hoping for as many bombs / wilds as possible or even reaching the bonus round!

The Symbols / The Prices

Some symbols have a separate function in this game, as you may have noticed above. Nevertheless, they can be divided into categories, and below we try to explain these different categories as well as possible. Because there are so many possible paylines, the prices of individual paylines are somewhat disappointing.

  • The basic symbols consist of the card symbols as usual, and of these there are 6 (9 to A). These symbols pay less than, for example, the premium symbols, but you can win a good amount with them in large combinations.
  • There are also 5 premium symbols, consisting of diamonds, money bills, gold bars, a safe door, and some kind of barb. Combinations with these symbols pay out better than the base symbols. Actually, the only symbol that pays out really well is the diamond, with which you take 3x your bet with a 5 of a kind.
  • Every bank robber you spin turns into a bomb that will be saved. The bomb remains until the end of the 10 spins, but it is still possible for new symbols to appear on those boxes. You can see the amount of spins left before the bombs will explode within the bombs and in the bottom right corner.
  • At the end of the 10 spins, all collected robber / bombs turn into wilds, and you can easily form combinations with them!
  • You can recognize the bonus symbol by the police car with sirens, and with this you can unlock the bonus round.

Take the Bank Bomb1

Take the Bank Bomb2

Double Up

The Double Up feature is actually very simple, but a nice addition. After each winning turn, you have the option to play heads or tails. In this way you can double your money with a 50/50 chance, or lose it. It’s a nice feature to use from time to time, but think carefully before you start.

Take the Bank Double Up

Bonus Rounds

This feature is unlocked when you collect at least 3 police cars, and this gives you 15 free spins! Then you play these bonus spins with 5, 7, or 10 wilds, which pop up randomly on the playing field each turn. This number naturally depends on the number of bonus symbols you spin. Furthermore, during the 15 spins and the corresponding number of wilds, it is a matter of hoping for the largest possible prizes.

Take the Bank Bonus Start

Take the Bank Bonus Play

Buy a bonus feature

This feature is extremely popular, and Take The Bank even gives you 3 different options. For 5 wilds per spin you pay 27x your bet, while for 7 wilds per spin you cost 50x your bet. If you want to play the 15 spins with 10 wilds, you pay no less than 95x your bet.

Take the Bank Buy Bonus

Take the Bank Bonus End

Max win & Rating

The maximum profit at Take The Bank is only 225x your bet. When you play with 1 euro, you cannot make more than 225. A big downside of this game. Furthermore, the game gets 2/5 stars from us.


The idea of ​​the game is very good, and the savings system works fine too. Normally you sometimes see that such a savings system takes too long, but with 10 spins this is not the case. Unfortunately, you can only win back 225x your bet, and this is also the main reason that they only score 2 stars.