Temple Of Treasure Megaways Review

It has often emerged that BluePrint Gaming is releasing new megaways variants like crazy, and this also has its drawbacks. In general, these games from BluePrint Gaming are actually very good, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain that level. Temple of Treasures Megaways is still of a high quality in terms of quality and fun, but some things become a bit standard. Below we explain the game in detail, and after that you can hopefully form a good opinion yourself.

Temple Treasure WIld

RTP en Variance

The RTP, or return to player, for this game is between 96.46% and 96.85%. This means that the casino returns this percentage of all bets back to the players. The volatility or variance is extremely high. A high volatility means that you win less frequently, but large amounts.

The Design

The background and the music try to express the theme of the slot machine, namely the world of the Aztecs. Furthermore, the playing field consists of the usual setup of megaways variants, 6 reels with an alternating number of squares per turn. Above the middle 4 reels is an extra box, and in the top left corner you see the number of megaways that are valid for that turn. You will also see the ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature on the same side, and you can determine your bet. On the other side you will find the settings, the ‘spin’ button, and the autoplay button. The bottom edge of your screen provides some additional information.

Temple Treasure Start

How does Temple Of Treasure Megaways work?

As with most megaways slot machine, there are 6 reels that can take up to 7 rows per spin. This allows you to get a maximum of a total of 117,649 megaways per spin, if all reels contain 7 rows. Above the middle 4 reels there is an extra box, so you always have at least 3 symbols on these reels. You have at least 2 for the first and last reel. Another well-known phenomenon is the fact that the symbols of winning combinations disappear, and new symbols replace them. This gives you the chance of even more combinations. Hopefully you are lucky and create some nice combinations or even reach the bonus round!

How do you play Temple Of Treasure Megaways ?

Often we see a maximum bet of 10 euros with megaways variants, but this is not the case here. You can choose between a number of amounts between 0.10 and 100 euros, and this is the first step you must take. Then check whether you prefer to print every turn or whether you enable the autoplay function. After this the game can start, and it is a matter of hoping for a nice prize. Make great combinations with the premium (high paying) symbols or try to reach the bonus round for the real prizes!

Temple Treasure Win

The Symbols / The Prices

Below we will categorize the symbols and provide a short and clear explanation. We will also add something about the payouts that you can expect with the respective symbols.

  • The basic symbols are familiar to us, and consist of 6 card symbols (9 to A). Combinations with these symbols pay out the least, and you get between 1x and 1.5x your bet back with a 6 of a kind.
  • The premium symbols consist of 3 types of gold jewelry, and pay out a bit more than the basic symbols. When you spin a 6 of a kind, you can expect to return your total bet between 2x and 5x.
  • The colorful mask is the highest paying symbol and is worth 50 x the total bet with a 6 of a kind.
  • Of course there is also a wild symbol that can help you form combinations. This symbol can replace any other symbol except the bonus symbol.
  • Mystery symbols: At random times, mystery symbols can appear on the reels, all turning into the same symbol. The mystery symbol can change in any symbol except the scatters.
  • With the bonus symbol you can unlock the bonus round, if you collect enough of it.

Temple Treasure Wild

Cascading Reels

The Cascading Reels Feature ensures that all symbols participating in a combination will disappear from the playing field. As a result, they make way for new symbols, giving you a chance to win new winnings within the same bet! This continues until no new combination is formed.

Temple Treasure Cascade

Mystery Symbols

Mystery Symbols can appear at random times. A certain number of these symbols will then land on different reels. Then they all change to the same symbol (of the above). If a lot of Mystery symbols land on many different reels and they turn into a high-quality symbol, you can win big prizes!

Temple Treasure Mystery

Bonus Rounds

4 or more scatters will give you the free spins bonus. You decide how you organize these spins:

  • 15 free spins with at least 324 megaways.
  • 10 free spins with at least 2,304 megaways.
  • 5 free spins with a minimum of 10,000 megaways.
  • A mystery mix and match of the above megaways and free spins.

Temple Treasure Bonus Start

As we often see, you get +1 to your multiplier for every winning combination, and this can add up unlimited.

Temple treasure Bonus Multiplier

Buy a bonus feature

The popular ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature is of course also included in this game, and will cost you 100x your bet. With this you immediately buy the bonus round, in which the big prizes are distributed.

Temple Treasure Buy Bonus

Temple Treasure Bonus End

Max win & Rating

Temple of Treasures Megaways has set a maximum profit of 10,000x your bet, up to a limit of 250,000 euros. We see the latter amount more often with megaways slots, and is necessary because the multiplier can increase infinitely. In addition, this game scores 3/5 stars.


The game scores average, and the main reason for this is the fact that it contains few surprises. This was already mentioned in the introduction of this review. Nevertheless, the game is very good in quality.