Yak Yeti And Roll Review

Since the end of 2018 you can play this game from Betsoft, and looking at the period, the winter theme is not surprising. The game takes place on the Arctic Circle, but you will notice this immediately after opening the game. The game has a lot of features, but the RTP is unfortunately a bit disappointing. Below we have written everything down as clearly as possible, so that you know exactly what to expect!

Yak Yeti Intro

RTP en Variance

The RTP, or return to player, for this game is between 95,93% and 96,54%. This means that the casino returns this percentage of all bets back to the players. The volatility or variance is high. A high volatility means that you win less frequently, but large amounts.

The Design

The winter theme is clearly present, with a snowy landscape in the background. Furthermore, the game consists of 5 reels of 3 rows, and in the top left corner you see the title of the game. You can find all the options you have at the bottom of your screen. From left to right you can see here: Your balance, the music, settings, your bet, the amount you win, the ‘Double Up’ feature, the ‘spin’ button, the autoplay function, and finally the ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature.

Yak Yeti Start

How does Yak Yeti And Roll work?

This game from Betsoft works with the well-known paylines, of which a total of 20 can be achieved. These paylines all start on the 1st reel and earn you money. A difference from other games is the fact that the symbols do not spin on the reels, but fall down. Winning combinations explode and the symbols above them then fall down. A new symbol now falls on the empty spaces, giving you another chance for more combinations in the same turn. You hope every turn for valuable combinations or to unlock the bonus round, which you can read more about below!

How do you play Yak Yeti And Roll?

As with any other slot machine, the first step to take is to determine a bet. With ‘Yak Yeti and Roll’ you can choose between a certain number of values ​​between the minimum of 0.20 euros and a maximum of 20 euros. After this you are basically ready to play, but you can see whether you want to use the autoplay function or not. Then the game starts and you no longer have any influence on the outcomes.

The Symbols / The Prices

To distinguish the symbols as clearly as possible, we have drawn up a list of different categories. Behind each category is some associated information about appearance and payout:

  • In this game there are 5 basic symbols that consist of the usual card symbols 10 to A. For the lowest possible payline (3x a 10) you get 0.o5x your bet back, but for the highest (5 aces) you already get 0,75x your bet back. You can also win nice amounts with these symbols!
  • There are also a total of 5 premium symbols, consisting of a wolf, a reindeer, an igloo, a pair of gloves, and a sleigh. Of course, these symbols pay out more than the basic symbols if you form combinations with them.
  • The wild symbol can be recognized by the Yeti, and has its usual functions. However, the Yeti only appears on the middle 3 reels.
  • 2 Eskimos are already good for 0.25x your bet, while 5 Eskimos earn you 12.5x your bet!

Yak Yeti Win

Double Up feature

You may already know this feature from other Betsoft games, and it gives you the opportunity to double your prize after a winning combination. With a 50/50 chance you can double your amount or lose everything.

Yak Yeti Double Up

Bonus Rounds

Betsoft has developed a complete bonus trail that should increase your winnings. In addition to your prizes, you also get:

  • Free Spins: up to 18 pieces
  • Cascade Multipliers from x2 to maximum x15.
  • Free Spins Multipliers Up to 2 on top of your free spins multiplier.
  • Cash Wins up to 200 times your stake.

Yak Yeti Free Spins

The rewards from your bonus path add up, so your prizes can reach hefty amounts.

Yet Yeti Bonus Win

Buy a bonus feature

Pay 70x your bet and get 9 free spins with a 4x multiplier! This also means an increase in the RTP from 95.93% to 96.54%.

Yet Yeti Bonus Buy

Max win & Rating

The maximum profit that Yak Yeti and Roll pays out is 92,750 euros, which is a nice amount in itself. Furthermore, the game scores a meager 2/5 stars from us.


Betsoft is known for being somewhat unreliable, which is why we are always a bit apprehensive about their slots. Still, this game looks very good, and it has an original bonus game. Nevertheless, we didn’t get a ‘wow’ feeling so it stays at 2/5 stars.